Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prominent Politicians Behind Kaduna Violence, As ‘Faceless’ Politicians Release Incendiary Video

A highly placed security source in Kaduna State has told SaharaReporters that prominent politicians, several of them in government, are behind the widespread and deadly violence recently witnessed in parts of the state. The bloody events began with suicide bombings that hit Zaria and Kaduna about two weeks ago, targeting Christian churches.

The security source said the crisis became more volatile when a few prominent politicians further fueled the violence by instigating their political thugs and hoodlums.
According to the source, “The Commissioner of Police made it clear that politicians are part of the violence to achieve certain political interests.” He added that these politicians supplied sophisticated weapons and other armories that were used by the rampaging killers. He claimed that the security agents know who bought the guns, but that the agents are powerless to take action because those behind the violence “are untouchables and sacred cows.”

The source revealed that security agents had received confessions from some suspects about their sponsors. “The facts we gathered are provable, but who will prosecute the big men behind the gangsters?”
“Some of our leads indicate that politicians poured kerosene into the fire from the side,” added the source.
In a related development, SaharaReporters has learnt that copies of a macabre video from the recent chaos and terror in the state are being clandestinely circulated in Kaduna with the aim of fomenting more violence.

The video, which is being seen by a growing number of people, shows officers of the police ferrying corpses of those who died in the series of attacks and counter-attacks. Our source disclosed that the aim of those circulating the video was to cause more tension in the state.

The source accused those distributing the video of “dispatching a clip to create tension that will lead to violence.” He lamented that law enforcement and security “bosses are watching and cannot do anything.”


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