Monday, June 25, 2012

Confirmed!: Igbo Language approved by Oxford/Cambridge Exam Board

After years of relentless campaign that would have seen mere mortals throw in the towel, Mrs Hope Ify Ofomata and Vincent Onwukanjo of the Igbo Language Campaign Committee have done what seemed impossible by the standards of Igbos in the diaspora, by doggedly fighting to get the two greatest institutions in academia to accept Igbo language as a course. 

This in effect means that Igbo language has now joined a distinguished list of languages to make into the Oxford/Cambridge Exam Board. This would also act as a catalyst for Igbo language to be strengthened within families, some of whom are ashamed of interacting with their children in Igbo. With this development the fear that Igbo language will become extinct in 75 years may prove to be just another pessimistic prediction.  

Every good minded and genuine Igbo person who can make it to London should attend the event as contained in the attached flyer below to celebrate this unique achievement.