Thursday, April 26, 2012

Character of a typical ONYE NGWA revealed

Recall that the parable of talents that was told by Christ in the bible. Assuming they were Nigerians, it would be very easy to identify which among them is Ngwa. The one who hid his talent, accusing his master of reaping where he did not sow and how he is known to be a high – handed man must be NGWA. Ideally, ONYE NGWA looks at everybody around him with clinical suspicion, is always in the habit of betraying trust and deriding the confidence reposed in him. Just imagine this:

1. They will sell a portion of land to you and take a one off fee. As soon as they sense your business is sprawling, they would begin to demand for all sorts of miscellaneous fees including mandating you to contribute to the burial of their late parents, sponsoring their children’s trade efforts and funny enough demanding you contribute to their acquisition of new wives. The Nigerian with most no. of wives is NGWA not because he is enterprising but because he holds a degree in covetousness.
2. He politely requests that you give him a portion of the same land he sold to you (they sell lands more than any other group in Nigeria, that is why they have sold off everywhere in Aba and usually feel comfortable being tenants to their former tenants) for farming. Several years after, by reason of death or relocation; your children or relations will fight with their last breathe because you were generous to a cunning, crafty and lazy friend.

Their women give themselves so cheaply to petty material things. It is only in NGWA LAND that a sixty year old woman will still be bleaching and proudly tell you that her IKO (boyfriend) works IN A COMPANY. These companies are medium scale blue chip companies that employ them (NDI NGWA) as casual workers, security men and unskilled labourers. They are not interested in adventure. If you argue they are not lazy, how come with massive markets in Ariaria, Ahia Ohuru, Ekeoha and Cemetry; Ngwa men are missing in action. What popular shop in any of these markets is owned by ONYE NGWA? How come they are always comfortable as menial workers and unadventurous fellows? Mbaise is popular in Aba for being the best butchers, Enugu controls the cattle market; Orlu holds sway in drugs and patent medicine, Onitsha is leading in importation, food vending and tobacco business, Ideato are gurus in tourism, Transport and Haulage, NDI OGBO had long made a mark in second hand clothes and importation etc. Just where does the lazy NGWA MAN come in? No where!

Their brothers (?) from UKWA would attest to this fact. NDI NGWA have always given the impression that the struggle is for UKWA NGWA. This false spirit of camaraderie fizzles out as soon as the spoils of war arrive. It automatically becomes OHA NGWA, systematically deleting the UKWA and replacing it with OHA. There will be no need overemphasizing this age long fact. See the page on THE FARCE CALLED UKWA NGWA. Have you wondered why of all the five or more times given UKWA NGWA the opportunity to produce the Deputy Governor, no single UKWA man had ever made the list. That is the NGWA man for you. Your union with them thrives as long as they are calling the shots or cheating you. Watch out, the man who you meet in a bar, who shamelessly begs you to buy him a bottle of beer is ONYE NGWA. That is their style.

It is believed that geographically and culturally, Aba metropolis belongs to NDI NGWA. In the same ESAU SPIRIT, they long traded their birthright over a pot of stew. Today, the docility of the NGWA MAN is made manifest with the composition of ownership and control of resources in NGWA LAND. In case you did not know:
1. All the hotels within Aba metropolis are owned by NDI OHUHU (a derogatory name coined by NGWA people for non – indigenes which unreasonably include UKWA people).
2. The tallest building in Asa Road is owned by a rich business man from Ideato Imo State
3. The best and most sophisticated Pharmaceutical shop in Aba is owned by a non – indigene
4. 98% of all fuel stations in NGWA LAND are owned by non – indigenes
5. It is hard to see a well equipped hospital that is 100% controlled by an NGWA MAN.
6. All they do is to hallucinate over how someday NDI OHUHU would abandon their properties for them, reenacting sad tales of the Nigerian Civil War

If you like, call them tricksters. Remember the OTU ONU debacle. Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe had failed in his bid to outshine Orji Uzor his master, the then Governor. Abaribe soon coined the famous OTU ONU (meaning he is advocating for a single term for political aspirants). That was his own method of displaying the cunning character of the NGWA MAN. He was given a single term as Senator. At the expiration of his first term, he also cunningly returned. Even when an UKWA man Chris Nkwonta reminded him of his pact with the people; Abaribe did everything (yes, everything) to return to the Senate. Where lies the honor of NDI NGWA?

Some have jocularly referred to them as being generous. That is being economical with the truth because by the time NDI OGBO were perfecting the art of importing second hand clothes and stockfish, when ANAMBRA people were dominating the tobacco business, just like the Maduakos were building hotels, NDI NGWA were land speculators and sellers; willfully taking the rear seat in the scheme of things. That is their style of generosity. Interestingly, they sold off even their OKPULOR and gardens to a more introspective NDI OHUHU. The result is what you see today – they have been relegated to the background.

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  1. The writer of this article must be a jobless local lawyer who practices hislocal profession in Aba. Aba is not the only place in Ngwa. You would have been in your village had the Ngwa man not accepted development by selling his land to you. You are not better than any Ngwa man. You are simply an unethical lawyer if you are one.