Monday, October 8, 2012

The Ngwa Agenda of Frustrating and Sabotaging Government Project in Abia

First, they collaborated with all manner of criminal elements in the ‘lucrative’ business of kidnapping. The colossal effect of that singular act is nothing compared to the devastation being supervised by the Boko Haram across the country. Aba’s best brains, professionals and craftsmen left the city in droves and vowed never to 
come back.

It is a fact that the Goodluck led Federal Govt has achieved verifiable results in the area of power generation and distribution, more than any other administration. Currently NDI NGWA are doing everything to ensure that Abians do not enjoy improved electricity generation as it is in other States. This is even when Abia has a 133KVA at Alaoji (unfortunately, and NGWA LAND) and Prof. Barth Nnaji’s Independent Power Project. They are reenacting their landmark features of greed, frustration and sabotage.

PHCN designed a programme to ensure that owners of properties that tend to obstruct high tension cables are compensated as such houses are demolished to make way for effective distribution of electricity. The end result is improved electricity supply.

Our NGWA brothers now besiege management of PHCN with fake land ownership documents or try to erect structures overnight to obstruct high tension cables. This is in a bid to be compensated. They like money that is not earned. They like wayo and can only service their relationship with you only when they are cheating you. They have combined these traits to deny Abia people of huge economic gains. Just to cushion the effects of these crazy bills, PHCN excludes Abia in their expansion projects. Just for the sake of a group, we are thrown into darkness.

Apart from unbridled quest for underserved compensation, they also take advantage of failed portions of federal roads in Abia State. They gather at night to make artificial ditches on highways. What they stand to gain is the selfish but damaging act of selling all manner of wares to motorists who must stop at such bad spots. These acts equally make way for gentlemen of the highway to have a bazaar.

What is this madness of sabotaging good policies? So, every house now is obstructing the high tension? Just when will these our brothers give up acts of mischief? Must we always suffer untold hardship because we are sandwiched in between lazy and pathologically greedy brothers? Let those they could listen to call their attention to the damage they are causing unsuspecting Abians.

For those who think Frankie James is an alarmist, let them contact management of PHCN to further authenticate the veracity of these allegations.

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