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They are either living overseas or in States other than Abia. They hardly come home and had long lost touch with realities of life. Their senses are beclouded in emotions. When you open their bags, what yo u see is a multi – media phone, camera, ipad and colored spectacle. They have no good paid jobs and are willing tools in the hands of political jobbers, criminals and disgruntled elements. Unfortunately, you will find no records of their positive impact on their immediate communities.

For 24hrs, they get their eyes and hands fixed on a computer. They vowed never to see any good, hear no good and talk no good about their own Abia State. They grumble, blackmail and incite the rest of the people against the Governor and institution of the State. They see glasses of water as half empty and not half full. Every day, they inundate visitors to social network sites with gory pictures. They are wet blankets. Development is only when their brother mounts the saddle of leadership. Meanwhile, they have neither voted nor voted for. They are armchair critics who masquerade as super champions.

They have failed to appreciate that the TAO government is known to have favored NDI NGWA more than any other in the history of Abia authoritative allocation of values. It is therefore foolhardy to claim to represent a people who are blessed with:

1. Nine out of sixteen Commissioners (Works, Rural Development, Environment, Petroleum, Housing, Special Duties, Women Affairs and Social Development, Sports and Agriculture) in Abia State. By the way, those are choice ministries.

2. Twenty four out of Forty three Special Advisers

3. Two out of three federal senators

4. Five out of eight members of the Federal House of Representatives

5. Accountant General of the State

6. Auditor General of the State

7. Chairman of State Civil Service Commission

8. Acting Chief Judge

9. Heads of Religious organizations

10. TC Chairmen of all Local Governments in Abia South and partly central including the two metropolitan Local Governments in Aba (first of its kind). The implication is that they control nine (Aba North, Aba South, Isiala Ngwa South, Isiala Ngwa North, Ugwunagbor, Osisioma, Ukwa West, Ukwa East, and Obingwa) out of seventeen LGAs

The under listed people should be held accountable for any breach of peace or in event of any orchestrated hate against NDI NGWA. They are fighting a lost battle and further criminally enriching themselves at the expense of their kinsmen who have been promised better days ahead.

Let Abians know them:

· Obioma Ugochukwu Ubani (+49170237608)

Obioma was accessory to, before and after most of the kidnap incidents that occurred within the Obingwa area of Abia State where he led a group of unscrupulous and dissident NGWA elements to cause hurt, untold hardship and untimely death of others.

At the heat of intervention by the Military, Obioma escaped through the help of notable NGWA politicians, though his family house and those of his immediate co – conspirators were torched. It was also gathered that this Abaribe’s cousin was quickly sponsored by Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Senator Nkechi Nwaogu and some others to flee the country and invariably escape being brought to justice.

Obioma who currently resides in Denmark with personal phone number +49170237608 and email has been paid heavily by Abaribe and other authors of confusion to destabilize the government of Abia State, cause disaffection, rancor and acrimony amongst Igbos. He was basically directed to set up social network pages like Abia Awakening, Abia Tower and Abia Peoples Voice to achieve this purpose.

Obioma it was who was sponsored to convene a meeting of disgruntled elements at Rowmay Hotels, Opobo Road Aba in December 2011 where they founded The Abia Awakening (TAA), that he has been using to cause confusion in Abia State

· Maxwell Nwadike (229-97-571168)

He is the Founding Chairman of The Abia Awakening (TAA). Maxwell has a Cotonou wife, leaving behind in Aba, his other wife and children who he left at the mercy of poverty and hard life. A greedy Ngwa man who erroneously jumped into the business of selling used (okirika) clothings and bags, his grouse against Old Bende people was that while they made so much money selling used clothings, they refused to show him the way. He ran out of Abia to live in Cotonou and operated with the name Samax International Co,Sarl situated at C / 213 gbenonkpo; Benin. The idea was to stay at the centre of used clothings which Cotonou is. Several years after trying without success in his Okirika business, he resorted to blackmail as a quick way of making money. He does not know where Ohafia is, has never been to Umuahia and does not appreciate the challenges being faced by Isuikuwato, Arochukwu and Umunneochi people. All he wants to achieve is to discredit OLD BENDE people as a means of paving way for the Ngwa man to become Governor in 2015. He has questionable character and exhibits unbridled quest for get rich quick, hence his acceptance of becoming a willing agent of confusion just to make ends meet.

· Patrick Amalaha (+18327578903)

Bad boy of America, Patrick is a disgruntled NGWA man who went in search of greener pastures overseas. Several years on, no tangible progress can be traced to him. He shuttles between overseas and here, people take advantage of their positions to attract genuine government presence and not spread dangerous rumors capable of scaring investors away. Nothing is known of his business as his native home remains his father’s forty six year old house. No wife, no children; Patrick is the Secretary of the infamous TAA. Once known to deal in dangerous drugs and illicit products, Patrick has tried unsuccessfully to get the attention of the State Government for being gratified. He is a
celebrated blackmailer and conspirator of note. Patrick Amalaha is Reagan Ufomba’s kinsman and by association a wet blanket.

· Chinedu Nwogu

He lives in Lagos and also an active member of TAA who was planted by Ochiagha Reagan Ufomba to sell him (Regan) to Abia electorate. For identifying with Reagan, an underachiever and fellow with questionable integrity, Chinedu has proven that he lacks wit and purposefulness.

Chinedu who hails from Isiala Ngwa had written a letter in the past to the State Government pleading for financial assistance. His stiff opposition to the government may not be unconnected to the rebuff he got from a government who feels informed him that the days of holding the givt to ransom were long gone. Chinedu it was who attempted to organize his kinsmen for amnesty when it was certain that his immediate interest was personal gain. His wife confirmed to be a member of the red light district is left to fend for the rest of the family while he carries on with the business of blackmail and criminal conspiracy.

· Lawrence Ehiliegbu (08036725809)

He is a founding member of TAA, a group poised to make Abia comprehensively ungovernable. He is married to Ngozi, daughter of a traditional native doctor in Isiala Ngwa. Lawrence who lives in Lagos was a former staff of defunct Aba Textile Mills where he was initially employed as a casual worker. Though much younger, he was relieved of his job when he was caught stealing finished products. He was to later resurface from his hiding when he got wind of the ‘lucrative’ business of kidnapping. This was not to be as security operatives had taken over his village in Isiala Ngwa. He is working closely now with a serving Senator who is aspiring to be Governor in 2015. He has been contracted to destabilize the polity, blackmail other groups and inadvertently swing favour on the side of an NGWA man. He is a chronic liar and trades in deception, selfishness and greed. Lawrence Ehilegbu is one of the Administrators of Abia People’s Voice, his brainchild dedicated to foisting the NGWA agenda on the rest of Abians.

· Sussan Uzoma (Separated from her husband)

He (yes, he because her kind of woman are those addressed as Mr and Mr because she knows how to oppress even her former husband) is also a co – founder of TAA. Susan who is an NGWA woman claims to be a lawyer (must have attended an Indian College as her command of English is horrible) is separated from her husband. She lives in Lagos from where she imagines a failed Abia. Susan got the boot from her husband for acts of infidelity and criminal association with men. This is evident in the fact that she is the only female Admin of TAA matching the other men wickedness for wickedness. Her known occupation is being an ACTIVIST which is the same as saying she is idle and unfortunately unemployed. Susan who is one of Maxwell Nwadike’s concubines is equally determined to cause trouble in Abia.

· Igwe Samuel Obioma ( a murderer)

Igwe lives in the UK. An Ibeku man who is known to have murdered one Aham while he lived in Umuahia. Igwe has a murder case pending in court. Having tried without luck to get the Governor, a fellow Ibeku man to criminally protect him, Igwe went on self exile. He has never hidden his disdain for the Governor. An active member of TAA who has refused to highlight the amazing developments going on in his native Ibeku, it is yet to be seen how Igwe; a confirmed murderer would be gifted with the moral justification to criticize the Abia State government. It is however certain that he cannot hide for too long as the long arm of the law awaits him.

In the coming days, I will reveal Chinedu Ngaranwere (08032004399) and others like them who vowed that Abia must be held spellbound. I watch as events unfold to see how far they can go.

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