Tuesday, September 11, 2012


May the souls of Lawrence Maduka, Eleke Chukwu, Mandy Onuoha and all those who were victims of OUK’s fetish politics, rest in peace.

OUK is asking Abians to forgive him. I make bold to tell him that forgiveness is of God but because we are humans he would need a widely covered public confession for us to start believing him. OUK it was who introduced OKIJA into Ab
ia Politics. By taking budding youths and political faithfuls to OKIJA SHRINE to swear to an oath of secrecy and allegiance, you mortgaged their future and apart from sending many of them to their early graves, you set a bad precedence in the annals of Abia political history.

Those who refused to swear were met with naked aggression. T hose who swore were ted forever to the apron string of a dare devil deity. Just from where will Abians start to forgive OUK.

OUK dealt with Abia and Abians. He collaborated with his mother and siblings to strip Abia economy naked. Those who think I am crying foul should ask OUK one single thing he did in a whole eight years he was globe trotting with the borrowed robe of ACTION GOVERNOR.

Forgiveness is of God. As humans, we know that nobody can eat omelets without breaking eggs. Let OUK appease the very many souls he wasted. Let him return OKIJA staff that he collected on behalf of Abians. Let him compensate the very many businessmen and politicians who he led down the valley of no return. Those who swore to OKIJA oath and were made Councillors and appointed into other positions and were dumped weeks after. At the last count, there were over 2,000 of them with the domino effect on at least 200,000 Abians. Just how is he going to do this?. What manner of forgiveness? Harry, Onu, Udeala, Amarachi and Fistman just to mention but a few were all victims of OUK’s do – or die politics.

Except his sole objective is to insult our collective intelligence, he should seek genuine forgiveness. Abia bleeds and until such time the man who maimed it confesses and asks for forgiveness, we will continue to keep OUK in the darkest side of Abia economic and political history.

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