Tuesday, September 11, 2012


“My challenge in life is the people, not money. When anybody says I asked him not to work, the person is not being sincere. For instance, I own The Sun newspapers; I don’t interfere in their day-to-day job. I like process, I like system, and this is what most Nigerians lack because they were not prepared for leadership.

OUK was credited ...
with the lines above in a recent interview in trying to justify how he underdeveloped Abia.

Thank God he has just accepted, may be for the first time that he owns SUN NEWSPAPERS. Many people did not know that the power generating set being used by SUN NEWSPAPERS was bought by Abia State Government’s money and was originally designated for use for the revival of NATIONAL AMBASSADOR, a newspaper publishing company owned by the Abia State Government. OUK did not consider AMABASSADOR fit to live, that was why he converted the generating set to his personal property. Abians by his calculation were not deserving of a flourishing newspaper business with its attendant economic advantages that was why he killed the dream of having a state run newspaper.

Now, I am a liar. Agreed! Let all those who think I am crying foul ask OUK whether he was richer than Abia State, or more enterprising than Abians that he could not convert the ingenuity of running a newspaper to the advantage of the State that was entrusted in his care.

It is a globally accepted fact that when you take up appointments/elective positions as a private person, your businesses suffer for it. It is also true that unless you are acutely corrupt, your business may struggle to survive while you are away, given the kind of one man business Nigerians run. This is an incontrovertible fact. So, OUK was able to make so much money to run SUN NEWSPAPERS, even when he was still Governor? The same SUN he was also using to compel MDAs to lavishly spend Abia State government’s money. If his mother was celebrating even his dog’s birthday, every Ministry, Department or Agency in Abia State must take a full page to congratulate.

I ask, why did OUK not bring his business acumen to bear in the running of affairs of Abia State Government? Would it not have been viable to revive the state owned newspaper, resurrect he many industries that were hitherto spinning money for the state and indeed make Abia economy work? Instead, he concentrated on his personal pocket and further enriched himself at the detriment of the state. He should thank his stars that TAO is a compassionate person else he would have finished him like they finished Chimaraoke in Enugu. Go to Enugu, all those properties he acquired with State Government money are under lock and key till date because the government is not as tolerant as the one we have in Abia.

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