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NIGERIA: Enugu Monarch Errs On Igbo Tradition Because Of Road Construction

It might not be the writer's fault, because many of the contemporaries have been brainwashed to seeing anything African as demonic. This is because of their Christian indoctrination or inclination, which is dotingly maneuvering in the South-east region of  Nigeria.

This was the reason the writer on Tuesday, 07/24/2012 edition of the Daily Sun used the word 'local' to refer to an aborigine deity in Enugu, in the article titled, 'Fear of a local deity: Construction firm abandons Enugu road'. It was this disdainful use of 'local' to anything that was not of the colonialists that has made many young people not to know how to speak their native languages or even bear their native names, because they were thought how to praise their Jehovah or Yahweh in the church with the English Language sufficed with the belief that Igbo ancestral names are perilous to one's fate, even when the two names - Jehovah or Yahweh - are not originally English words, as if the God they talk about will be angry should they speak Igbo. In the schools too, these children are given corporal punishment, when they speak the 'local' Igbo Language, because they have been also brainwashed to seeing anything Igbo as 'Local' for the exaltation of the enslaving white people.  

While the writer or any of the youths may be forgiven for abysmally regarding the Igbo tradition and culture as 'local', because of the Colonial School of Thought they were brought up with, which they have refused to correct, how would a traditional ruler, who swore to defend the tradition and culture of his people, but ended up to denigrating them, be forgiven? This is the outcome of one 'Igwe' Mike Chima, who made absurd comments against the Awoma deity in Udenu Local Government Area, Enugu State.

He reportedly regarded the deity as 'manmade'. Hear him: 'We have three autonomous communities in Obollo Afor. The contractors met me about the deity, what I did was to refer them to the oldest man in Obollo Afor. Later I referred them to Oha-Obollo-in-Council. The Oha directed the particular clan where the deity is situated to do something about the deity and get it evacuated and allow the contractors to continue their work. If the clan says they don't know what to do, then let the contractor evacuate the shrine and continue their work. I don't see why a big impression or attention should be given to the deity. After all, we are all Christians .' Bunkum statement of a man who is regarded as a traditional ruler!

The question is whether the church is not 'manmade', and if it is on the Obollo-Afor- Amechara- Ugbaike- Igogoro- Ogrute road linking Udenu and Igbo-Eze North local government or elsewhere, where the Awoma deity is; would the Chima who protects Christianity that he lacks knowledge of its origin say that it should be removed disdainfully?  It is better Chima and some of his political-Igwes or Ezes be called to eschew politics from the core Igbo beliefs, because  going by the traditional ways of installing Igwe, hardly would any of them be Igwe. What is Igwe-elect? Or, Eze-elect? Rubbish! Rubbish!! Rubish!!! They used money to buy morality!

Chima even went as far as repealing the wise admonishment of one Chief Aloysius Eze, an octogenarian. Reportedly, Eze said: 'I don't advise anybody to touch the deity. It was installed by our ancestors. It has no definite origin, but dated from 'aeon'. Any attempt to touch it will be disastrous. Previous experience showed it has power to annihilate the whole village….' The reporter said that, 'He gave an option that instead of removing the deity it should be left intact while a roundabout should be constructed around it.'

This is the level the traditional institution is bastardized by those who go by the title traditional rulers like the traditional neophyte called Chima. The problem is that many of the people do not make their research to know what Christianity is all about. A friend once said: EVEN WORSE NO ONE HARDLY EVEN KNOWS NOW THAT ANIMISM, AS IT IS CALLED AND UNDERSTOOD NATIVELY, IS THE FIRST AND OLDEST OF THE HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCES. Animist Evolutionary Sciences vs. Darwinian Evolutionary Sciences would SHOW AND PROVE that the Social Darwinists are badly mistaken and so is anyone who follows them.

However a LOT of Asians, Negroes and Caucasians just could not stand to see this as it would just be awful for them. Anyway, we press on.

The VODOO RELIGION (SPIRITUALITY) and THE ANIMIST EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCES ARE the AFRICAN (ASIA too) original Spirituality/Sciences and that is where the Euro-Caucasian got the pattern from for their version of Church (Religion) and State (Science). When the people can see that our Original Versions are the same thing and that Europe's Versions are simply a badly mangled copies and distortions of each, then the darkness will recede and the light of life will reach in, restore and rescue us.

  The above was in reply to my note that we were very spiritual before the rapacious white men came with their humiliating tactics and melted all that we had working for us into colonialism. They made us hate our ancestors to the glory of their Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... Because we respected God (not the Roman-made Jehovah and Yahweh) in all aspect of life, and they didn't understand this spirituality, they characterized us as Animists. They watered down a lot of fables down our throat with the aid of their satanic munitions. Now, they have succeeded in piercing their un-spiritual methods in our lives, our beloved Africans have become a people who would act only when they refer to the distorted book called the Bible, which was originally owned by Africans.

As if he knew, my spiritual mentor affirmed my position after many months. The agreement reads: It was not a question of our ancestors practicing Christianity without realising it, but the other way round, indeed!

The Christians actually stole the concept of their religion and faith (based on the Risen Christ) from ancient Egypt (I mean Black Egypt) before the Arab (Ummayad) invasion of 640 AD. That concept of Crucifixion, death and Resurrection, is based on the ancient Egyptian worship of the goddess of fertility, Eostre, hence the name, Easter, the Christian festival, which marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, (rebirth and immortality) which is the basis of the Christian faith, whose tenets were actually borrowed from Judaism, by the early Christians. The Jews and the Romans, in their turn, got this whole concept from Pharaohnic Egypt.

Symbolised by the ankh, this depiction of immortality and regeneration, inspired the concept of the Christian cross. This symbol, in Igbo traditional religion, is depicted by an uli kola nut head motif that resembles a four-cusped hypocycloid, or a four-pointed star of sorts, that represents the four market days of Eke, Orie, Afor, Nkwo, the basis of the Igbo-based lunar calendar. The Nri (Igbo) brought this tradition with them from ancient Egypt, through Eri, their ancestor and progenitor and his descendants. It is therefore the white Christian world that is practicing African traditional religion without realising it, and not the other way round.

Are people like the marooned Chima reading? So, it is very important that people like him stopped following the crowed against anything Igbo. People like him have become the real agents of evil against Igbo nature-instituted norms, and they should desist.

Odimegwu Onwumere is the Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV). Mobile: +2348032552855

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