Monday, July 2, 2012


It has just been revealed that APGA member in Abia State and Obingwa born Chinenye Anyim Nyerere has concluded plans to ensure the lucrative but heinously criminal business of kidnapping which crippled Abia economy in time past returns to the State.

Nyerere is now working in concert with his paymaster, the Governor of Imo State and the man whose group of businesses Nyerere is his General Manager to return Abians to the dark days. Just recently, Nyerere paid a nocturnal visit to the GEJ Barracks in Ohafia where he organized a party for the rank and file with the sole objective of “help my boys as they are being marginazlized”. He brought message of mutiny from his master because he gave out large sums of money to this cadre of military personnel who he promised to take care of should they reciprocate by protecting his boys.

The question we ask is, why did Nyerere choose to visit the barracks at night? Why did he not put the commander in the know? Why would he want to cause division in the military in Abia State? What is the meaning of printing insignia written: “GEJ BARRACKS OHAFIA, HONORARY MEMBER”, with the instruction to the rank and file to “cooperate” with any person found with that insignia?

If Rochas knows so much about caring for the military, how come he has not replicated same in Imo where security is at its lowest ebb at the moment? Why did he not send his children who he swore to use for all things that are good? Why is Nyerere being used as an object of destabilization? Must he return Abia to geurillas by inciting the rank and file against their superiors? Why did Nyerere not think of better ways of complementing the State Government efforts on security, like donation of patrol vans; food and such other incentives that must pass through the Commander to help propagate discipline and respect for which the Nigerian Army is noted? Why print insignia to be given to a particular set of people? Who are those people?

For those who do not know him. He is from Obingwa and lost flatly to Enyinanya Abaribe then in the PDP Senatorial primaries. His political dossier is empty and everything but inspiring. He left the PDP for APGA and lost again during the last general elections. Nyerere lives in Imo, works for Rochas and has never contributed in any way to contribute to the development of Abia. His area was where Nigerian journalists returning from Akwa Ibom on national assignment were kidnapped. His Obingwa was the same area of Abia where majority of kidnap camps were mounted. Abia State Government is spending so much to maintain a military base in Obingwa. What has Nyerere done for them? Why did he go to Ohafia with a rag printed “Honorary member” just to subvert security in Abia?

Abians should know who to be held responsible in event of fresh outbreak of kidnapping and sundry criminal activities. Nyerere is just one of them. Let him also be reminded that it is too early to start playing politics of succession. If he wants to be Governor of Abia State in 2015, the best way to go about it would not be to cause disaffection amongst security personnel or dislocate the existing atmosphere of peace and security in the State.

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