Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Uzor Kalu (OUK)'s Mother attacks President Jonathan

The mother of the former Governor of Abia State has joined his son to attack President Jonathan...According to reliable sources, the Mother of the former Abia Governor is now a ghost of herself as the on gay marriage is affecting her being practicing bisexual. It is no longer news that Mrs Eunice Kalu has been involved deeply in this lifestyle since over a decade ago since her last husband, a trader who died few years ago, sent her packing before his mysterious demise few years ago. 

It is also no news that his Son OUK, is a well known gay in the country, no wonder why he is well accepted among the Northern Elite right from Maiduguri...being gay brought in wealth and influence according to his friends.

During the debate by the National Assembly on the issue of gay ban, Mrs Kalu aka Odiuko sponsored people to oppose the planned bill but she failed.

Today, it is reported that Mrs Eunice Kalu lifestyle (Spiritual and Social lifestyle)  and that of her cronies has been shattered and she had resolved to lead her group to attack Mr. President for signing the gay ban bill.

A reliable source, confirmed her determination to use the SUN Newspaper owned by her son to fight against Jonathan in 2015 while painting Jonathan Government an anti human rights government before the World.

It is also reported that Mrs. Eunice Kalu, Odiuko and his son, OUK have started to mobilize gay activists from across the globe to stage protest in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu. 

Just last week,  a gay club reportedly owned by OUK in Victoria Island Lagos was demolished following tip by neighbours to security men just as his massive gay edifice in Abuja has been sealed by the Abuja Municipal Council. 

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