Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rochas set to deceive the Igbos again...Igbokwenu warns

Rochas says APC will best protect interest of Igbos. If Rochas is deaf, is also blind . Has he forgotten so soon that the fellows in APC AC,CPC AND ANPP  are strong HATERS OF NDI IGBO? The same people who maim, kill and stifle Igbo interests. So Tinubu and Buhari are now Supporters? Ethiopia Airways begins flight into Enugu in two weeks time and the lovers of Igbos behind President GEJ made it possible. It is a breakthrough APC will never encourage.      


  1. Rochas is going down alone and he wouldnt drag the Igbos along. Imo people should wake up.

  2. Okorocha is on his own, no Igboman can follow him now he's dining and wining with the opposition. Igbos we have learnt our lessons from the past. So we aint going back to Egypt